ZYNP Celebrated 60th Anniversary

Henan Province, China – On March 4th, 2018, ZYNP celebrated it’s 60th anniversary at the Industrial Park Club. President Zhang Dongmei presided over the conference.

“To stand at this important historical node, we are filled with joy and feel even more proud,” President Zhang said, expressing the common aspirations of the cadres and employees.

With the efforts of generations of ZYNP employees, the company has brought together a diverse and immense brand. They have created an outstanding enterprise that represents the comprehensive strength of the industry, adds luster to the Chinese national industry, and develops and shares results and actively rewards the society.

Chairman of the Group Xue Delong delivered presentation on the past, present and future of ZYNP, finishing with “Five Visions” to present an infinitely bright tomorrow for all cadres. “The room for growth will be even greater,” he proclaimed.